• To practice new skills in real-life experiences in order to measure their own progress and success.
  • To solidify their identity as a changed person before returning to the same peer environment where the pressure to revert to old behaviors is strongest.
  • To gradually allow them to experience age-appropriate challenges.
  • To access daily coaching and structure while having more freedom.
  • To strengthen their ability to accept guidance and boundaries from their parents.
  • To guide them through expected regressions in behavior.
  • To increase internal motivation and commitment to healthy behaviors.

Helping rebuild healthy communication with you and your teen.



There are a number of reasons that a family may choose a transition program such as Mosaic House.  For parents, transition may be a consideration for any of the following reasons:
  • Give parents a realistic sense of how much their child has internalized and accomplished.
  • Provide guidance and education regarding the level of support their child will need going forward.
  • Help parents practice boundaries and consequences when expected regressions in behavior occur.
  • Assist parents in shifting from parenting a child who is struggling with mental health issues to parenting a child who is struggling with adolescent issues.
  • Offer parents opportunities to practice and integrate Dialectical Behavioral Therapy strategies and skills.
  • Gradually ease the family out of full therapeutic support and into a developmentally appropriate and effective family system.

While students may not actually “choose” to go to a transition program like Mosaic House, all the students who are accepted to the program must have some commitment to being in the program and continuing their therapeutic journey. 


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"Helping adolescents to increase internal motivation and commitment to healthy behaviors."