At Mosaic House, students are pursuing an individual transition plan.  The daily structure for the program varies depending on the student's goals.  All students are required to maintain a calendar that is shared with staff and to keep busy with school, work, volunteer activities, exercise, a hobby of their choice, participation in community group, and participation in therapy.  Students meet with the coach daily to break down their transition goals into immediate action plans. 

Each student, regardless of her transition goals, also participates in daily chores, meal planning, and other community living activities.  Students have a weekly community activity they select, a weekly dinner night, and also a weekly community group in which they participate. 

As they face daily challenges, students are able to receive support from both the staff and their peers at Mosaic House in order to maintain their forward momentum.   



Mosaic House is a very individualized program since students may be pursuing a variety of goals.  Yet all students are working on life skills.  Here are some of the life skills modules students will access with their mentoring coach during their Mosaic House stay:

  • Food preparation and menu planning

  • Time management

  • Understanding internet dangers and internet safety 
  • Managing medications

  • Community resources

  • Creating a resume and interviewing for a job 

  • Money Management

  • Basic housekeeping and having a roommate 



Mosaic House is designed to assess students' readiness for freedom and responsibility through the Phase System.  There are four phases and each phase provides expectations, responsibilities, and privileges.

The purpose of the Phase System is to gradually introduce new privileges to the student as she demonstrates the ability to handle them.  As students struggle with certain aspects of daily living (getting up on time, completing homework, getting to work on time, participating in house activities, etc.) or clinical challenges (the return of depressive symptoms, anxiety, isolation, etc.), the Phase System is designed to address these concerns before they become a larger challenge for the student.  The Mosaic House team, the student, and parents work together to implement interventions to keep the student on track.

Movement through the Phases is determined by the student's "report card".  This card is completed weekly by the Mosaic House team, the student and the parent(s) rating the student's progress on her goals as well as general expectations for each phase.  A student may return to a previous Phase if she is struggling to cope effectively and needs more structure and support.