• A Mentor will work with the resident to create a personalized and interactive Google calendar to begin to mentor effective executive functioning skills.

  • A Mentor will work collaboratively with the resident in setting weekly goals and assist the student with achieving them through mentorship, direction and education.

  • Residents will begin to learn and practice practical application of family based chores and responsibilities. 
  • Residents will learn how to execute meal planning, preparation and cooking, as well as financial accountability and budgeting. 

  • Residents will earn access to technology such as tablets, laptops and cell phones as needed and appropriate for their age, environment, level of trust and maturity. Limits on media and technology will be set programmatically with the input of family values. 

  • Residents will be encouraged to organize and attend group activities based on common interests, hobbies, and future endeavors.


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"Real life goals for real life adolescents."