Mosaic House is a 15-bed home for female students 14 to 18 years of age.  The primary goal of Mosaic House is to help students solidify the gains they have made in treatment by removing some of the scaffolding that students experience in more restrictive environments such as residential treatment or wilderness therapy.  In a less-structured environment, where students are allowed to make more of their own decisions daily, each student is able to apply the skills she has learned in order to maintain her forward momentum.  

The Mosaic House experience varies depending on the student's needs but generally includes at a minimum:

  • Weekly individual or family therapy;

  • Daily/weekly coaching to help the student accomplish her goals;

  • Weekly parent coaching to assist parents in navigating the transition from a more restrictive environment to one in which their student has choices;

  • A choice of academic options designed to meet each student’s unique academic needs;

  • Activities tailored to student's vocational and personal interests 


Mosaic House is a nurturing, home-like environment that provides adolescent girls 14 – 18 years of age with the opportunity to embrace their own journey to wellness.  Through previous treatment experiences, students have gained insight and learned skills.  Now it is time to practice and refine those skills and transform their theoretical knowledge of change in action! 


I do it.   We do it.  You do it.  Mosaic House uses a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) coaching model to assist our students in applying and modifying what they have learned and integrating new skills.  We do this by first demonstrating, then collaborating and finally coaching the adolescent to use the new skills themselves.  Whether it's using the public transportation system or managing difficult feelings through an emotion regulation skill, the Mosaic House mentors are walking side by side with the student.   

You can have what you can handle – Students are gradually given more privileges as they prove that they can handle each level of privileges appropriately.  Conversely, if a student is struggling to manage privileges appropriately, they can be modified to help the student succeed.  

Boundaries and Consequences - Adolescents flourish with consistent boundaries and structure.  At Mosaic House, parents are involved in the process of establishing boundaries and applying consequences with their daughter.  This helps ensure that the boundaries and consequences that are established are in line with the family's values.  

It may get messy, and we will handle it together!  Most adolescents leaving a restricted setting experience regression as they try to embrace the commitments, they have made to change certain behaviors.  At Mosaic House, we work with parents to create a co-parenting team to help the family navigate through these predictable regressions.  Both students and parents are generalizing the skills they have learned to new experiences.